The Jakarta Convention Center is fitted with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and communication facilities. Our technical experts will man the equipment, or help man the equipment, to meet your specifications.


We are experienced in providing professional sound, lighting and multimedia equipment and services. A long list of our successful events including small events as well as large events involving complicated and sophisticated equipment. While permanent and built-in equipment are there for most of the events, portable equipment is from time to time available and ready to build any demanding event productions. Our technical team is able to communicate with client, show director, production people, contractor and even with machine to produce another entry to that long list of successful events. Our back-up generators are capable of supplying some 11.5 megawatts of electricity for most power-hungry installation.       


  • 150-inch by 300-inch screens for front and rear projection
  • High ANSI lumens LCD projectors and LED modules
  • 150 DIS portable conference microphones
  • 8 portable interpreter booths
  • 1,000 infrared simultaneous interpretation system receivers
  • Infrared simultaneous interpretation system for up to 12 languages 72,000 watts of loud speakers with audio mixing consoles
  • Heavy duty aluminum trusses for flying lighting fixtures and multimedia equipment
  • Electrical and manual chain hoists
  • Microphones, media players/recorders, signal processors
  • Snake system (cables, split boxes, tails)
  • Ethernet with multiplexer and LRE switch


All public areas have Ethernet internet connections, tie lines for audio and visual broadcast feeds, ceiling-mounted speakers for background music and public addresses, lighting and air conditioning, sufficient electrical wall sockets and digital telephone outlets, and paging and car calling stations.