JCC's Kitchen Team wins medals at The 13th Salon Culinaire Competition

The 13th Salon Culinaire is a prestigious cooking competition that takes place in conjunction with the Food & Hotel Indonesia, which is one of the most important hospitality and culinary exhibitions in Southeast Asia. The competition is an opportunity for talented Indonesian chefs and young chefs to showcase their skills and creativity. The event features a range of categories, including appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and beverages, all of which highlight the rich diversity of Indonesian cuisine and judged based on various factors, including taste, presentation, and creativity. The judges are typically leading industry experts and culinary professionals, who have extensive experience in the field and are well-versed in Indonesian culinary traditions.

Huge congratulations to our chefs and young chefs for winning Silver, Bronze and Diploma Medals.
Silver Medals: Chef Ferry Saptari and Chef Yogi Yanuar (Indonesia Spice The World – Sasa Family Style), Chef Tarmuji (Tumpeng).
Bronze Medals: Chef Saskia Aryani (Di Martino Western Pasta), Chef Anggraini Kusumayati (KIKOMAN – Nasi Goreng).
Diploma Medals: Chef Anton Suprianto and Chef Asep Fauzi (Bakery Challenge), Chef Asep Fauzi (Breakfast Display With Showpiece), Chef Paskalis Lambertus Apriliano (Elle&Vire Plated Dessert).

Let’s congratulate them for the accomplishment. Keep up the great work Chefs!

JCC's Kitchen Team wins medals at The 13th Salon Culinaire Competition